Teamwork training

As stated in our philosophy of life, at SmartOSC, we fully understand and strike to keep the balance between life and work by offering lots of public activities for our staff. To make them more meaningful and useful, we included a section of teamwork training in our activities.

During the game of box production, each team constituted an export company in competition with other companies for the delivery of commodities, and had to deal with any sudden changes in customers’ orders, inputs, and personnel, which requires all team members to work pro-actively and closely together.

It was very fun indeed,” said HoangLe, one of our Junior Developers, “and I got many conclusions for my own.”

That comment was not an exceptional, but was the thought of almost people involved. Let’s have a look at some pictures of that day


                   — Discussion time —

              — Production process —

               — The winning team —

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