HIV Awareness for SmartOSC

SmartOSC HIV Awareness Sex, HIV and sexual protection are no longer new with SmartOSC. Although we have been through many topics like these before, this time of HIV  awareness program still brought many emotional feelings and unforgettable moments. We didn’t focus too much on what HIV is, how we can  use condom because almost everybody in the office had good knowledge about these topics. We, on the other hand, raised the demand of using  sexual protections through benefits to the users. People were excited with how they can enrich their sexual lives in safe ways.

The newest SmartOSC HIV Awareness program had very good preparation and useful lessons for everybody joining the sessions. Let’s check out some interesting facts of the program:

Name: SmartOSC HIV Awareness Program 1 -2009

Conductor: SmartOSC Union, SmartOSC HR Department

Guest speaker: Shopnguoilon.

Shopnguoilon is the first and the most famous adult shop in Vietnam with long experience and profound knowledge of sexual advisory. SmartOSC has been choosing Shopnguoilon in all HIV programs for the last two years because Shopnguoilon is the best place which can bring very interesting and practical solutions to our staff. They have been showing their capability of delivering an excellent combination of science, fun and reality in one solution.

Program content:

To begin with, a warm-up video clip quickly attracted all participants’ attention by revealing fun image but implying realistic meanings, which seems to ring a bell of the risk for everybody about an unsafe lifestyle or lack of knowledge or understandings. That main message is, particularly, the reason why we, SmartOSC, organized an event like this.

The program’s information session was so impressive thanks to being well-prepared by representatives from Shopnguoilon. She did not only provide common issue, deliver warning images, or point out misunderstanding by giving series of quizzes, asking lots of questions, etc. the presentation took place amazingly ebullient with the audience’s great contribution and enthusiastic involvement.


One of the most attractive parts of the whole program is “Product demonstration”, coming to the program; Guest speaker brought with her a wide range of products available, high-quality on the market as well as most updated ones.


It is so practical and useful because not many of participants had idea of such kind of things, or even experienced any helpful and realistic illustration like that. They did not only listen, see but also touch the product, especially; the lovely Guest speaker also played a role of an enthusiastic consultant when specified each product as well as clarified how to use them effectively.

Game show seems to be one of the most expected and exciting parts through the program which reflected participants’ understandings, involvement and SmartOSC’s culture as well.


The two teams with their high competitive attitudes and creativeness contributed to the program “MASTERPIECES” [such as “Ok antivirus”; or picture illustrating BANANA & APPLE]   accompanied with mischievous yet meaningful explanations.
This part attracted so much excitement and attention from audiences:


Team-players were rewarded with lovely and useful prizes


In the game part, one contribution that cannot be ignored was a man (Srdjan, a foreign staff)’s masterpiece with the main message is how to overcome “sex feeling”:


The great outcome after the game did not lie on the “Lovely and valuable prizes”, but on the thing that all game-players’ shyness already went away.

Joining the event gave all attendants big chance to exchange their own ideas and to ask any possible questions relating to HIV prevention, and especially safe-sex. The audience was really eager to ask about products introduced beforehand, or even some of them also revealed their concern with becoming “collaborator” of Shopnguoilon. More importantly, Guest speakers also provided free access for all staff to their online library or even encouraged them to directly contact if they want to get advice.

Benefits from this program:

In a nutshell, “HIV awareness” program has expressed a great deal of meanings to SmartOSC as a whole, and specifically to each member. The key messages enhance good and realistic corporate culture and image to staff and society by raising awareness of HIV and protections among people, helping them to improve their sexual lives, making “sex issues” become close and familiar, not shy and reluctant as earlier. What’s more, the event atmosphere is considered as a great opportunity to bring all people together and foster teamwork spirit.

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