Donkey Philosophy


Good for English learners …anh em doc qua nhe’ (Chiec Gay & Cu Carot) 

(cover story…)

Donkey Philosophy Once upon the time, there was a merchant. He was very rich but very mean. Everyday, he went to the local market to do trading and came back home with many cheap stuffs which he could buy in the market. Oneday, he realized that he was not strong enough to do this job alone.”Oh God!I am getting older!I need a help!” – he said. However, he didnt want to hire a porter to carry goods to the market since he would need to pay. On a day like any day, he was going to the market. He saw a old and slim donkey chewing hay on the road.”Thanks God!That’s what I need!” He cried out happily. The merchant grinned and came nearer the donkey. “What are you doing here, honey” – asked the merchant”Are you blind?Dont see what I am doing?I am eating this damn hay.Nobody gives me even a little fresh grass!” – the donkey talked sadly.- “Oh my boy!You are worthy than what you look like. I will give you a big and delicious carrot if you work for me”- “Damn you!How can you know what my wish is!But what about 2 carrots man?”- “Oh come on. You are still on trial time. After 2 months, you will get a raise to 2 carrots. But at this moment, one is good enough, isnt it?”- “It’s a bullshit but I like it”-“Deal?”-“Deal!”Then the merchant employeed the donkey to work as a porter. Everyday, the donkey carried all the goods and the merchant as well to the market. He was old and weak so it was really a hard job. However, the fantasy of 2 carrots appeared in his head everytime he felt tired, exhausted.”Come on my dear boy!Try your best and you will get reward after all!” – the merchant encouraged.However, at the end of the day, the merchant gave a bulk of hay that he collected on the way home to the donkey.”What the hell is that” – The donkey asked angrily – “Where is my carrot?””My boy, we came home too late and i cant find carrot for you. Tomorrow, OK?””Alright” – sighed the donkey.And the merchant kept his promise. He bought a carrot the nextday. But what did he do with the carrot?He gave to the donkey?” No. no. no I just spoilt my dear boy if i give him a carrot now” – he thought. And a brilliant idea came to his mind. He tied the carrot at one end of a stick and hanged it over the nose of the donkey. The distance was far enough so that the donkey couldnt eat the carrot.The marchant then tapped th donkey’s ass and said “Come on boy!The carrot is in front of you!”. The donkey started running and chasing the carrot. Obviously no matter how fast he ran, the carrot was still far to catch…Day by day, the donkey was getting exhausted chasing the carrot unsuccessfully. However, the illusion of the carrot was too attractive, the fantastic taste of it drove him crazy. He had tried and was still keep trying…Then oneday, the donkey was sick. The merchant looked at him compassionately.- “Oh poor my boy!I think you need to take a rest”- “Yes, I do. I will come back to work as soon as I am fine”- “No, no. You are fired my dear”- “What the hell are you talking about! Where is my carrot”- “Carrot is only for those can work for me. You are not. You are fired”In aminute, the illusion of the carrot disappeared from the donkey’s mind. He realized the carrot is only his imagination. And what he has been trying for is just like soap bubles. And now he was too weak to go back to the road, chewing hay on the pavement. He was dying ….

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  1. Fear Donkey


    Many people think themselves as a donkey who simply dont know anything else but carrots.
    Some other worse play a fear donkey who never dare to leave his hay.

    Life is challenging, the merchant can never find a good donkey if he doesnt give out his carrots and a donkey can never get a carrot if he doesnt try.

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